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Thursday, May 17, 2007

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Hi Cindy: I forgot one great female artist icon of our times who also sells: Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera's wife whosework now outprices his on the market.The best is that she was rediscovered by Harmony Hammond's biography of her, a feminist historian.I don't remember when it was written, but I do remember when I returned to Mexico in 1974,to revisit looking for the women, and going to her little house in Coyoacan, it was practically desertedof tourists. I was the only one there that day and used a little super 8 camera to film the paintings on thewalls, the photographs,memorabilia etc. No objection from the one guard I could chat with.When I returned in '92 I think, the paintings were all gone, it was a touristy house, bars on the windows,selling T-shirts, etc. Inside were other painters, only one or two minor Frida's. No photos allowed.The paintings were either in the Museum Dolores Olmedo, a rich rival of hers for Diego who bought all her work, built a joint museum and put them next to Diego's or sold, and exhibited world wide.Frida though is a heroine for women artists, with even the great film Salma Hayak did of her, directedby Julie Taymor.

Cindy it's great that you are taking up the fight for women artists! And that you remember the earlyroots of our anger...not at each other, but the system, run by and for the male establishment.Silvianna


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