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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

1:16 PM Posted by Cindy Nemser No comments
Dear Marsie,

I appreciate your supportive words. I was thrilled to have her diptych in my exhibition . If you don't have the Public Relation material let me know because it contains some of the pieces in the show called "Women Work: Homage ot Feminist Art." Just sent me your e-mail address. Hannah should have a retrospective at one of the main New York Museums. Her last show was amazing. I was astounded that she who was so beautiful and so concerned with putting it on display would have the courage to show how disfigured she was by the cancer that killed her. That show, in my opionion catapulted her into the realm of great artists. It should be on permant view at the Brooklyn Museum, rather than the Dinner Part or better yet at the Museum of Modern Art.. I'm sorry that you didn't get the chance to see my exhibition.

Best regards,

Cindy Nemser


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