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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

1:24 PM Posted by Cindy Nemser No comments
Dear Cindy:My dear friend Gloria Orenstein forwarded this to me. I'm Hannah Wlke's sister. My children and I inherited most of her art and are working very hard to place it in museum collections as was Hannah's dearest wish. You'll be happy to know we have placed work at MOMA, the Whitney, MOCA, and LACMA as well as several private collections and are trying to listen thoughtfully to Hannah's instructions from the past and from the beyond as to where she wants each piece to go.As a woman, a single parent, and a feminist therapist, I share your despair and anger at the lack of progress for women, not only for women artists, but for all women in their personall and working lives, their economic situation , and their relationships with men and one another. The world is much worse as the patriarchy continues to spread from the family to the multi-national corporations that promote war, greed, violence and indifference.I appreciate your strong voice in this struggle for yourself and for all women, and I hope you can stay of good heart and continue to speak out as I keep trying to do in spite of so much injustice. In Sisterhood,Marsie Marsie SchcrlattHannah Wilke Collection & Archive, Los Angeles


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