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Sunday, October 15, 2006

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I am an art historian and critic and I have been a dedicated supporter of women’s art since 1970. I published and edited the Feminist Art Journal from 1972-77. The magazine covered women in all the arts, but the main emphasis was on the visual. The Journal reached a circulation of 8,000 and was subscribed to both here in America and in countries all over the world.

As I mentioned I also published Art Talk: Conversations with 12 Women Artists. , It was the first book to be written about women artists since the 1930’s. It is considered a classic and was recently translated into Chinese. I have also published two other books, one a novel, and I have contributed to The New York Times, The Village Voice, Ms, Art in America, Artforum, Arts Magazine, and many other publications. I was the first to write about Chuck Close, Eva Hesse, Vito Acconci, Gordon Matta-Clarke and other conceptual and body artists. I received an Art Critic’s Fellowship award of the National Endowment on the Arts. I have lectured and held seminars on the art of both men and women all over the country and also appeared on the radio and television.

In 1974, I curated an exhibition at the Fleisher Memorial Gallery, which was part of the Philadelphia Museum of Art called “In Her Own Image. The show was a great success even written about in the New York Times. There is a chapter about my contributions to twentieth century art in a book by Judy K. Collischan Van Wagner entitled Women Shaping Art: Profiles of Power, Praeger Publishers, New York, 1984. Other women critics and dealers included in the book are Grace Glueck, Dore Aston, Lucy Lippard, Lleana Sonnabend, Paula Cooper, and many more.


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