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Saturday, January 09, 2010

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January 9, 2010

What Gets Printed on My Blog

Dear Readers,

Since my blog is called a forum I invite you to respond to what I have written. However, after receiving a vitriolic missive from a person who only signed his or her name anonymous I guess I have to lay down a few basic rules.

1. I will not print a response that is nothing more that a torrent of name-calling.
2. I will not print anonymous responses.
3. I will not print foul language.
4. The blog is not meant to be a platform for advertisements of any kind.
5. The blog cannot be a space for long-winded theoretical dissertations that have nothing to do with the subjects I am addressing.
6. I will reserve the right to accept, or reject what I receive. However, I will not edit it, as I believe if something written is worth publishing the writer’s words should not be tampered with.

I do not mean to slight my readers but these are some of the ground rules. They do not mean I will not print points of view that disagree with mine, but I will not distress my friends with messages that are offensive tedious..


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