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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


  1. Hi Cindy,
    Take heart. It's the myth of the blogosphere...In fact I've noticed that I rarely see any comments on any blogs. It's almost always "0". Does anyone out there beg to differ?
    Audrey Anastasi

  2. Gene Cohen, Ph.d. author of , Mature Mind, that areas of the brain can grow in our older years that might not have developed much when we were younger. One of these areas is the one associated with creativity.

    Those over age 50 really need ART outlets - theater groups, drawing and painting classes, book discussion groups etc. But few seem to realize that Seniors could be their main supporters. Instead, most focus on the very young.

    Arts people who provide low cost or no cost openings to seniors may find they get 'hooked on the arts'. Example_ the Wallkill River Art School and Gallery has 'art afternoons for seniors' on Tuesdays. Seniors are welcome to come and paint or sketch - just bring your own materials. I went last week. So many 'alive and well people' painting away - friendly but not intrusive. Result? I am signing up for a drawing class in August.

    That free opening got me 'to try it' and liking it, I 'bought'. These classes may not have been set up as a marketing tool, but it certainly was effective with me... I wonder how many art groups might aim at the senior market. K. from

  3. holly h.11:14 AM

    We're out here! I've been waiting for a year, or since I spoke with you last, for your blog to be up and running. I'm sure others have too...Please keep the stories coming.