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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

4:55 PM Posted by Cindy Nemser No comments
Dear Ms. Nemser:
I am an artist, male and a feminist. I have always supported the feminist movement, I'm married to a very active feminist of the "first wave", and agree with you that feminism is a male issue as well as a female issue.
I'm troubled by the malicious and acrimonious bickering that has been going on for several weeks now over the decisions of the Brooklyn Museum and the Sackler Center. I agree that Judy Chicago's work is questionable on many levels, not least of all artistic, but this last message from Estelle Levi is beyond the pale, gratuitously nasty, childish and smug. Why was it circulated? In what way does it contribute to any kind of intelligent discourse? It's pure vituperation, and against whom?
I also challenge this writer to produce work of better quality...I want to see the cliche free, non-trite work of the artists who she feels represents the positive alternative. I attended the A Place At the Table event, and I felt it was a very positive thing, it engendered good spirits, and a sense of celebration over the inauguration of an institution that will be around for a long time, and from which the art community can only benefit. I'm far from a pollyanna about institutions and the art establishment, but I feel that the curator of the Center is an open-minded and thoughtful individual who really wants to serve the art community. I personally have nothing to gain in this. I know that Estelle Levi's motives are vindictive. I'd hope that your motives are not opportunistic at the expense of your sisters. I'd like to see you circulate this letter.
Robert Bunkin
On May 22, 2007, at 10:47 AM, Cindy Nemser wrote:
Cindy……..First………ha: the check is in the mail!

Erin and I went to the BM which may be a good reference point.

The Reception Antics were soooooooo very trite making the reputation of women artists and fiminists in particular very appropriate…….not a quality performance there. AND what was provided during the Reception Antics was just as cheap.

About the Sackler and the Dinner Party……………..well all I can say: If this is how work is presented and curated, were they to ask me to show there, I’d refuse…………………HAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I was, very frankly, appalled…………….and embarrassed…………..and wonder about the quality
of harmful attitude such an exhibit promotes towards WOMEN ARTISTS in general…….

Your talk to WIA and guests really went well and we were delighted………… stay in touch with us…………..



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